I love New Town. I love New Town so much that I recently purchased a sweatshirt that has NEW TOWN written on it, I love it so much. Just like NYC or London, or any other substantial city, everyone has their favorite neighborhood to live, eat, and be in, and Edinburgh is no different. New Town is definitely mine (if you couldn’t tell already). One of the many reasons I am team New Town is the restaurants. There’s something for everyone, every occasion, and every time of day.

Here are my suggestions for eating out in the New Town of Edinburgh:


Located at the end of Hanover St., somehow I end up here every weekend with a different person. I’m starting to wonder if the waiter thinks I’m a serial dater, but one person was actually my boyfriend! It’s a place I suggest because it’s chill and they know how to poach an egg. I usually get the eggs benedict with bacon.


Across from Urban Angel on Hanover, Henderson’s is a vegetarian/vegan place. I’m neither, but when I’m feeling like I want to eat out but want to tell myself it’s healthy, I go there. It’s also one of the few places you can walk in and a) they don’t look at you like you’re crazy when you ask for a takeaway (Brits in restaurants) and b) you never have to wait longer than three minutes because most food is fresh salads or easily ready. I either get the lasagna of the day or the three-salad plate usually with a cucumber and tomato salad, something pasta based, and something chickpea based. My non-guilty, guilty pleasure.


This is a restaurant I have mixed feelings recommending because the food is average. It’s nothing to write home about, but the VIEW IS AMAZING! If you can call ahead, ask for a table in the glass room looking at the castle. Eating with that view in the background is well worth the bill. Lunch time is a safe bet to book a table and get the view.


This isn’t your average pub. It’s a bit nicer in terms of appearances and service than other pubs, and the food is more like a medium priced restaurant. My parents actually love coming to this place when they visit. I’ve suggested it for various important introductions because it just has good vibes. They usually have some sort of lamb dish on the menu that is a winner in my books.


As an American at heart (or stomach), I love Mexican food and Miro’s on Rose St. is the closest I’ve gotten to what I’m used to at home. I highly recommend the nachos with chicken and peppers. Probably not the most health conscience thing I could order, but nachos are good for the soul. It’s a small space, so I’d recommend making reservations.


Located on Thistle St., they don’t take reservations. You can check in with the hostess, put your name on the list, and head across the street to their sister restaurant The Bon Vivant for a drink. One thing I’ve realized recently is if I can market a meal to myself as snack food then I’m in. I love snacks! So I think I like El Cartel because you can share the appetizers and tacos (the guacamole is delicious) since it comes out as small portions. So if you like sharing and you like snacks, you’ll dig this place.

What part of Edinburgh do you prefer? Let me know in the comments.


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