Hi everyone! Hope your weeks are going well thus far! This week’s post is a bit of a day (weekend) in the life post. This past weekend’s ideology was no different from the last ones in the sense that I got out and enjoyed some things I wouldn’t normally do. Going off the title though, books and brunch are things I enjoy often, but more happened, I promise.

Nothing crazy happened Friday, but I usually just chill Friday nights. I did, however, admittedly watch ALL of a Netflix series called Master of None created by Aziz Ansari (one of my favorite comedians) and Alan Young. The humor is right up my street, dry and witty, so I couldn’t stop after three episodes so I committed for two days as much as I hate to say. BUT I haven’t watched something that in a while, so it was worth it. The show depicts millennials in New York City in a really relatable and ironic way. I think it also does a good job at depicting a lot of different groups of people in a truthful but sensitive way. And there’s some travel and heartbreak in it, so it’s a win win in my book!

On Saturday I watched my boyfriend play football, which is always fun. Obviously the main attraction is watching my boyfriend doing something he loves, but is it terrible I love it as a way to break from routine too? It’s nice to take a bus a bit outside the city center and be outside (as long as it’s not windy and rainy, grosssss).

When the game ended, I got the bus back to town and met up with a fellow Furman alum  who stayed with me for the weekend and we went to an Edinburgh Fringe show called The War of the Sperm, which pleasantly surprised me. Sometimes I feel like a bit of a prude, but it was actually a very clever play with great acting.

On Sunday, my guest and I went for a cheeky brunch (finally the brunch part!) at Tigerlily. I’m not sure why I had never tried this place before, but we had a really good experience. First of all, the building is beautiful, and the food was pretty great as well. We kept saying the building was Instagram goals, but too bad I don’t have Instagram (should I start one for my blog?) For now, I’ll just blog about it.


Eggs Benedict wins my heart every time.


Then, we headed to the Edinburgh International Book Festival to hear Thordis Elva speak about her book South of Forgiveness. I probably have a strange method of choosing book fest events to attend, but I choose the books I would like to read in the future. Maybe I would have had a question to ask at the end if I had read it, but it was still fascinating to hear this author speak. Her book is about forgiving her rapist and includes email correspondence over the years and how they met up in real life to sort of close that chapter of their lives. I won’t say anymore because I won’t do it justice, but I’m really looking forward to reading her book.


After the book event, we walked around to get some pictures to document her trip, and then we headed to the Stockbridge Market. We walked down Circus Lane first to get another obligatory photo, but how could I not take one, too? It wasn’t the sunniest of days, but it’s still a pretty spot.


Sunday night ended with me cooking salmon for me and my boyfriend, and then we hurried off in a taxi to a comedy show at the Fringe called Foils, Arms, and Hog. They were an Irish comedy group, and man they were hilarious! At one point, some audience members who had presumably consumed too much alcohol were kicked out, ruining their bit they were doing, but they just rolled with it and improvised until the disturbance was over. Not only were they hilarious, but they also looked like they were having the time of their lives doing something they loved and I admire that.

And that was my weekend! What’s your favorite thing to do on the weekend?

Thanks for reading,

Ashley x


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