It is really and truly fall now that I’m back in Edinburgh! The air has that crisp feeling no words can describe, except it feels and smells like fall. When this time comes around, I’m always excited to be able to do fall-like things, so Sunday my boyfriend and I did exactly that.

We began by walking down Circus Lane (one of the “Instagram goals” shots of Edinburgh). We tried to get a few cheeky shots in the actual lane, but there were tourists trying to do the same and a bus parked right in the middle so we settled for a bench picture.


We continued on to the Stockbridge Market. Every Sunday, loads of locally owned vendors set up shop in the middle of Stockbridge. There’s everything from food to fresh produce to leather goods. My boyfriend and I shared a pizza from Edinburgh Pizza Geeks called The Braveheart, which had mozzarella, salame, haggis, and black pudding (we aren’t black pudding fans, so we skipped that ingredient).



After we devoured the pizza, we carried on to the Botanic Gardens. It was nice to take a long walk, be outside, ignore regular life (ie. Uni), and chat about silly things like the squirrels sharing the day with us. It was a pleasant surprise that the garden had pumpkins and squash planted and a cute scarecrow guy because it totally quenched my autumnal thirst (that or the pumpkin spiced latte I got on the walk back…)!



I explained what the concept of an “Instagram husband” is to my boyfriend, and I think he has a future (“yes, get the whole arch in the picture, please”).

FullSizeRender 2

Hope you guys are taking advance of the change of weather! It calls for special days out like this! Any things you have to do in the fall or around the holidays, or you go absolutely crazy?

Next weekend…pumpkin patch @ Craigie’s Farm…?

Thanks for reading,

Ashley x

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