There is no denying that Edinburgh’s summer isn’t up to par with what I’m used to in Savannah. I’ve lived here for nearly two years, so this isn’t my first rodeo, but for some reason I’m just remembering last summer and the two brilliant weeks of weather we had and that was it. It’s like self-preservation telling myself you just wait, next week is going to be fantastic weather and you can get those legs out. But no, there will be no “getting my legs out” unless I want to be cold. Now don’t get me wrong, we do have some nice days here, but I don’t think it’s gone above 70 degrees F this year. It’s been hanging out at an average of 60 degrees F the last few weeks.

I don’t think I realized how much sunshine and warm weather really does affect my mood though until two weeks ago when my boyfriend and I visited my parents in Georgia for a nice and sunny two-week vacation. It was GLORIOUS! We sat by the pool, we got in the pool, and we had to apply sunscreen over and over because we were in the pool. My freckles came back (something I thought I had outgrown, but no it’s just THAT not sunny in Edinburgh). When we came back from the States, there was then a stark difference developed in my mind of having sun and having no sun, which honestly made me feel a bit down.

The other day I was complaining about how chilly it was to my boyfriend, despite it was almost July. And then he said something that struck a chord in me: dress for the weather, not for the season. “But I don’t want to do that,” I said. Then it got me thinking how much clothing dictates the seasons changing. I look forward to the autumn to break out the fall colors. I love winter and being able to wear my army of coats and boots. The spring and it’s time to peel back a few layers and the summer it’s wedges and shorts. Edinburgh has reconstructed how I think about seasons, though. So then this got me thinking, how do the British do this continuously cold, wet weather year around without the joy of drastic seasonal clothing changes? At home in Savannah, we have quite warm weather year around, but there is a definite point when the shorts have to be packed away and it’s jeans all the way. This isn’t the case in Edinburgh. I am always wearing jeans and NEVER breaking out the shorts. So how are the seasons characterized? So it dawned on me.

I needed to reinvent my summer wardrobe: Brit-style.

These are the five wardrobe additions I’m self-prescribing to prevent getting into a sunless funk, take my boyfriend’s advice, and channel my inner Brit:


Although it pains me as a person known for living in black skinny jeans, I just ordered a pair of white Levi’s from ASOS because at least my mind can compute that as a season update. White jeans and it’s summer. Dark washed jeans and it’s fall.


This is an idea I got from Zoella, one of my favorite blogger/vloggers. She’s always wearing a bright pink or bright yellow jumper with jeans, and I’ve got to admit it looks happy and fun. Again, I am not usually someone who reaches for a pink or yellow sweater, but if I’ve got to wear one, the happy color should help my mood be lifted and feel good. Urban Outfitters usually has a bit variety.


If I can’t get my legs out, I’ll get my toes out. There’s something about wearing sandals that just makes it feel like summer is ON. And if I’ve got my white jeans on, my pink sweater, I think I can sacrifice warmth in my shoes. Now I’m having an internal debate on whether to indulge my middle school self and repurchase Birkenstocks again as they seem to be coming and going. Thoughts on Birkenstocks?


Just because it’s chilly outside doesn’t mean you have to live in flannel pajamas year around. My flat actually can heat up despite I have high ceilings, and duvets, obviously. Summer-themed pajamas are a fun way to get some more color in and maybe even some silly designs to just brighten the day. Literally. Here’s a fun pajama set I just ordered from ASOS.


This is a very on trend thing right now that I’m actually really digging and definitely has a very beachy, southern France vibe. Some trends tend to be body type sensitive, so this trend is refreshing since it’s an accessory! I picked up this basket from Biscuit, a local boutique in Edinburgh, but there’s so many out there right now.


I hope that no one else is in a summer funk, but if you are, do the most summery thing you can think of tonight! Take a walk, get some ice cream, or drink some rosé. Or all three!

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