How is it already July?! When I looked at my phone on the 1st of July, I was shocked. Where has this year gone? It’s been a good but busy year so far, but like every year, the first half of the year flies by and I’m left wondering what have I accomplished so far this year? I am a very reflective person and I’m constantly reevaluating myself and how I could be doing things better or more efficiently. I am also the first to admit that there’s room for improvement in my life. I’m working on my time management skills and trying to do the things I want to but keep putting off, BUT you can’t change overnight no matter how much you want to. Baby steps. This is a reason I think New Year’s resolutions aren’t pointless but NEED to be revisited every few months because a year is a looong time to have the same goals, y’all. Life changes very quickly especially when you’re in your early twenties (like myself), so I think you have to be ready to reevaluate things when your plans are slowly but steadily changing. And let’s be honest, some of the resolutions I made in January were easier to do than others like take my vitamins everyday (on my nightstand so virtually impossible to forget and also in gummy form because I’m a fake adult). Some of them were wishful thinking like going to the gym everyday for at least thirty minutes (did I think I was the Rock? and some days I get sucked into what I’m doing and the last thing I want to do is get geared up for the gym). And some of them were never going to happen like read a book for my research and one for pleasure every week (I like reading but not that much).

The great news is there’s no New Year’s resolutions monitor so we can make new ones WHENEVER we want! Normal people at this point in the year probably just call them goals or weekly to-do list, but I think it’s more fun to say New Year’s resolutions round dos, or New Year’s in July (an excuse for another party??).

So here is my revised list and my personal commentary on how reframing them can help me get them DONE:

Start a blog; post once a week

I’m doing this right now, so go me! I originally wrote twice a week, which in retrospect isn’t that much, but when you’re going from no blog to twice a week it can be daunting. My goal is to get it started and once is totally fine and fun!

Write 1,000 words a day 4/5 days a week

Being a writer, I need a word count to be productive on my novel, but realistically I won’t write 1,000 words every day. 4 days sounds very manageable and 5 or more would be great. 4 is 16,000 in a month, so in perspective it’s totally doable. This will be different for everyone, some may say it’s too little or too much but it works for me.

Cook 4/5 nights a week

Originally I wrote cook every night. I became Jamie Oliver for a month, and then I slowly became the Gilmore Girls ordering in too much Deliveroo than I care to admit. Again, I’m using the 4/5 method because it basically says I’m going to be pretty darn good during the week, but if I slip up it’s okay or if I feel like Jamie than that’s good too.

Do some sort of physical activity 4/5 days a week

Sorry if my 4/5 method is getting repetitive but I’ve found it works great mentally for me! Saying I’ll go to the gym every day just won’t happen, so again if I can do two or three days of boxing and two spin classes I feel like I’ve gotten off the couch enough for the week.

Have a water drinking competition with my boyfriend

Drinking more water will forever be on my resolution list until I turn into a fish. To make this easier and more fun, I bought my boyfriend and myself each one of these Joseph Joseph water bottles that keeps track of how many you’ve drank throughout the day. A little friendly competition can be motivating!

Enjoy Edinburgh more

This is more of a reminder that it’s summer despite it’s the UK and taking walks can be so nice after dinner or on Sundays to the Stockbridge Market. Edinburgh is beautiful even if a bit cloudy, but sunny days here are EXCELLENT so I’d like to get out more. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the Edinburgh International Book Festival are also coming up in August, so I need to get tickets to some events!

So there you have it, my goals for the next half a year! Hope this helps anyone who feels like they need to refocus and hit restart. Make a list yourself, comment below, and I’ll write an update of how things are going!


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