Hi everyone, I hope you’re doing well. I’m sitting down to write this post a day late, but again it’s been one of those weeks I felt stupid writing a post about something nice I’ve done in Edinburgh while things are messy back home. My Texan relatives ended up being fine and in a better position than most in Houston; however, as many of you are probably aware of, there’s a new hurricane in focus coming towards Florida and the East Coast. My parents live in Savannah, so it’s got me particularly on alert… I was actually supposed to fly home tomorrow to visit them for a few weeks, but obviously I have postponed my trip until the storm passes. Luckily, they are able to evacuate with plenty of time and will be leaving before the storm is well on its way. It’s still scary, though. Again, I’m grateful that they are able to evacuate and be out of harms way, but I can imagine that only provides a certain amount of comfort to them in regards to the storm’s possible damage.

But nevertheless, we will be positive and say that they are evacuating to be better safe than sorry, and hopefully they will return to some branches down at most. Then, next week I will rebook my flight and go home like nothing happened. Despite I have a complicated relationship with Savannah and the South, I pray that the hurricane leaves it untouched for the many people that will want to return to the place they call home.

Please send positives vibes to the people waiting for Irma to make up its mind about where it’s going next. Please send love or donate to all of the people affected by this storm already in the Caribbean. To the people trying to pick up the pieces still in Texas. And to the people affected by the fires in California. So many terrible natural disasters happening at once, but all I can think is hopefully this was meant to bring America all together and we will gain something from these terrible events.

Stay safe everyone,

Ashley x

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