Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well and safe wherever you are reading this. Firstly, I want to start with a “thoughts on hurricane” update. Since I’ve been discussing it in my last posts, I might as well conclude the thoughts…or you can skip down and get onto the main post!

As I write this, it is Wednesday morning and I am sitting in my favorite bakery (Cuckoo’s Bakery) having my favorite breakfast (scrambled eggs with bacon and tomatoes) as it rains outside. This scene is a pretty consistent one, me in cafes and Edinburgh raining; however, apparently there’s a storm taunting the UK that brought it on. What is it with storms and my cities? I was finally able to book another flight to visit my parents in Savannah, though. It will be a little shorter of a trip than planned, but at least it will happen. Despite losing power for two days, my mom finally has power, and I’m sure my dad’s will be restored shortly. I feel grateful that this seems to be all that was lost during Hurricane Irma, for my family, but I know a lot of people aren’t able to say that.

With that said, it looks like people aren’t forgetting these hurricanes and their damage quickly because celebrities are getting involved even to encourage people to donate to help the people and areas affected. Don’t hate the player, but the Daily Mail summarized their efforts here and it did make me happy to see the support. Hopefully it will help relieve those who need it!


In addition to the “dress rehearsal” I had for this flight a week ago (see my last post on Hurricane Irma ruining my travel plans…and people’s lives more importantly!), I’ve taken this and many other long haul flights many times before so you would think I’d be an expert at flying and packing… Turns out “practice makes perfect” doesn’t apply to me or flying because I still pack at the last minute and get antsy thinking about sitting on a seven hour flight! I may pack last minute and I may not think the flight is a walk in the park, but I have made a list of things I do and bring to make it a bit nicer and easier on myself that I am willing to share with you guys…


I DESPISE airplane food. DESPISE. So I avoid it as best as I can! First thing I do when I get through security is head straight for a restaurant to have a proper meal. My flight leaving Edinburgh is always in the morning, so I go to Wetherspoons for a hearty breakfast, which will do me for a while. On my flight back to the UK, I’ll usually get a burger or steak in the Newark airport (their international terminal is dope, but the domestic one is very limited…also don’t mock my love of meat, but here’s meat montage of what I want to order that day…)

I ALSO bring a supply of snacks in my carry-on. These are my faves:

CLIF BARS (chocolate chip or brownie flavor are the best and contain enough carbs and protein to get me through without eating the airplane meal)

THE PROTEIN BALL CO. (again, a protein snack; cacao & orange is my fave)

PORRIDGE POTS (what’s better than making a casual bowl of porridge on a plane? I buy Tesco’s gluten free ones because I’m a freak and avoid gluten…future blog post on foods I avoid and why? Joking but not joking…)

KALLO RICE CAKES (just a little snack to crunch on)


WATER BOTTLE (I buy this after security obviously, but I look for the biggest one I can find so 1.5 liters? Being without water is a fear of mine…)

PRO TIP: I throw calories out the window that day. You need to feel good traveling since it’s so stressful on the body. Just concentrate on eating things that make you feel good. For example, on my way back to the UK in the Newark airport, they have this one nice food/convenience market that has Smuckers peanut butter and jelly Uncrustables. Who remembers those from childhood, my fellow Americans????? Not the most healthy thing I could buy, but they’re a comfort food and treat me right. I buy two to eat throughout the flight and completely skip the plane food. Uncrustables for the win!




If you like your own blanket, bring your own blanket! If you want to bring fuzzy socks, bring fuzzy socks! Whatever will help you relax on the plane. Some people do beauty treatments and use it as pamper time. I’m too much of a germaphobe to rub creams on my face in an airplane despite washing my hands ten times, so I stick to Rodial lip balm, hand sanitizer, and Kleenex (because I sneeze all the time!) to make myself feel better.


I’m all for looking cute when I go for dinner with my boyfriend, but the plane is not the place to wear tight jeans and heeled boots. Also, amateurs make the mistake of dressing for the weather of the place they’re leaving or going to, and not the temperature of the plane and airport. Edinburgh will be cold leaving in the morning, and Savannah will be hot arriving, well, anytime for that matter. So I’ll be dressing for a pretty comfortable temperature with layers I can alter.

Usually, I’ll wear Victoria’s Secret Sport leggings, a t-shirt, a jacket (not a parka) and tennis shoes. Then, I’ll bring a beanie or a baseball hat to throw on if my hair has gone funny!


This may sound crazy, but after taking many flights that I thought if I just had a sinus tablet, my head wouldn’t hurt so badly I always come prepared. I just bring a few of everything I personally could need and then my usual meds like my inhaler and allergy tablets. Better safe than sorry, and then that takes care of any anxiety!


Sometimes I like reading on planes, other times I like to just listen to music and close my eyes in attempt to take a nap. On this flight, I will be reading Good Karma by Christina Kelly and Good Eggs by Phoebe Potts (the “goods” are merely a coincidence).


I’ll be listening to my comfort albums, Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande and The Divine Feminine by Mac Miller, and then I feel happy thinking about my favorite celebrity couple.

Don’t judge.


Now that I’ve shared my flight essentials that make me feel more human, what are yours? Maybe there’s some I’m missing and should add last minute, so let me know in the comments! Hope this makes it easier to get ready for a flight for someone because it actually helped me to write it all out!

Thanks for reading,

Ashley x


*Featured Image Photo by Joel Barwick on Unsplash

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