Hi all, hope everyone is well. I certainly am having a calmer week than the last two without having to be on hurricane alert 24/7(well, sort of…Maria…but I think she’s moving east of Bermuda…poor Bermuda)!

In other things coming and here to stay for a while…IT’S FALL! Or autumn as most people tend to say in the UK. Whatever you choose to call it, it’s that time of year and I’m most excited about it. It’s by far my favorite season, despite we never really got fall weather growing up. As I type this, it’s September 19th in Savannah and 85 degrees F. So it’s not looking or feeling like fall here, but I know it will be in full swing when I’m back in Edinburgh in October!

Pumpkin spiced lattes, pumpkin patches, candles, blankets, sweaters, boots, coats, Halloween, pies, Thanksgiving (sorry, I’m American born and bred)…now for fall photo montage…


Anyways. It’s a great time of year to be in Edinburgh. Not too cold and lots going on, so here’s my rundown of things I plan on doing this autumn in Edinburgh and you guys should check out:

DOORS OPEN DAY (September 23-24th)

Unfortunately, I won’t be back in time to do this, but a friend was telling me that this is something I must do one year. Basically a lot of sites that aren’t normally open to the public are open that weekend, so you can snoop around. I would be mostly interested in going inside Queen Street Gardens because you need to be a member with a key usually to enjoy them and I’m very envious of those people… (This isn’t just an Edinburgh thing by the way, it’s all over Scotland on various weekends throughout September!)


I think this sounds like so much fun to do with a few girlfriends, not necessarily for the drinking (fun fact: I rarely drink!) but to check out a bunch of cool cocktail bars and just be out and about! I’ve got my sights on The Refinery, Nightcap, and the Sky Bar.

Tell me if this isn’t a good deal: one wristband is £6 or get two for £11; then, cocktails are only £4 at looooooads of bars throughout Edinburgh. Cocktail montage…


EDINBURGH GIN FESTIVAL (same weekend 6-8th)

If you’re one of those people who only drinks gin, then maybe just head to the gin festival that weekend to learn a bit more about what you drink! It seems a bit pricier to me, though, paying 16 per person on top of 5 pound drink tokens. Your call though!


You may have read my post when I went to Craigie’s Farm and picked fruit, but I’ve been looking forward to going back for the pumpkins ever since! There’s something very comforting about the fall for me since my birthday is in October and my mom would always go full on OUT for the season and also Halloween. So having a pumpkin around (probably to watch rot) sounds nice. I checked their website and the pumpkins still aren’t ripe, but they should be ready in October to be carved or painted! Blog post on Craigie’s Farm in autumn coming in October…?

Photo by Bonnie Kittle on Unsplash


If I’m going to have a drink, it definitely wouldn’t be beer, but it still sounds like a fun thing to go to. It’s Edinburgh’s own Oktoberfest celebration that takes place in Princes Street Garden. Prices vary, so you could get in free the Wednesday it begins or pay for a VIP package at around 60 per person. I’d go for the food, so Wednesday may be the day I check it out!


Speaking of food, this is definitely something I’d like to attend in some way or another. Besides the official events, lots of restaurants participate with special fixed menus, so it’s easy to just do a one-off thing. Not a lot of info seems to be posted on their website, though, so I’m wondering if it’s still happening…


This may not be for everyone, but being a writer, I think storytelling is relevant enough to what I do to attend an event or two. In particular, World Of The Bear looks entertaining. For some reason, my dad has a bear obsession that has rubbed off on me, so exploring the relationship between bears and human in stories sounds intriguing…


To be honest, Edinburgh isn’t crazy on Halloween, but you have to make your own fun right? (and it’s not Edinburgh’s fault that Americans/consumerist culture are obsessed with the holiday). I always like to decorate at the beginning of the month to enjoy the festivities for as long as possible (something I inherited from my mom) and do some Halloween cupcake baking and maybe even a little party (or I’ll force my friends to stare at my decorations for my birthday gathering).

My dream Halloween event is going to Tulleys Farm Shoctober Fest down in Crawley (England) for their Halloween events. It looks epic, despite I would have to be tended to 24/7 for a month from being scared so badly.

I hope this gave you guys a nice overview of how busy and amazing autumn is in Edinburgh! Get out there and enjoy the season before it passes us by! Pumpkin spiced lattes forever!

Thanks for reading,

Ashley x



*Featured Image by Aaron Burden on Unsplash


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